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Nadi is a lengthy tradition of astrology that was written by Maharishis (sages) from India in the past using their spiritual skills. The sages composed the predictions of every individual. The official website that is run by the Guruji  Saravanan, Nadi Astrology, America the most well-known Online Nadi Astrology in America . We are proud of saying that this is the most prestigious Nadi Jothidam located in America . They’ve been doing a fantastic job for the happy all over the world who have taken this tradition from their great ancestors.

It is a science Nadi Astrology is proved to be among the best ways to accurately forecast the future of an individual. It has assisted hundreds of people across America and given them better solutions to their choices in life. Everyone is able to envision their future through palm leaves. By utilizing the most recent advancements in information technology via online, we offer this service for everyone all over the world.

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Online Nadi Astrology  in America providing services for more than 45 years of experience as the field of astrologers in marriage as well as careers Love Family, Money Offspring Education as well as pleasure and financial wealth, as well as health and horoscope consulting service. Find out your prior birth date as well as your Karma by examining your thumb you can contact us with questions regarding marriage or career-related friendship, health wealth, and family. We’ll answer your questions according to the impressions of your thumb and your blessings. Horoscope analysis Naadi and horoscope readings are what are my main focus.

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Dear blessed visitors, receive the most accurate and reliable Nadi Astrology prediction from the Fifth Generation Nadi Astrologer Guruji N.Sri Krishna, an online Nadi reading service that is available inAmerica.

 How do you define Nadi Astrology ?

The Nadi astrology is a devine ancient prediction made by rushis (sages) and messengers about 3000-5000 years ago, to aid in the future generations, individually, to guide their path to salvation. The nadi astrology was intended for those who are preparing for their salvation. To be saved, you must not carry any sin burden and only then salvation will be accomplished. In order to help people overpower any sin they may be carrying , there are suggested remedies. with the help of the remedies they will be able to attain salvation.

They are written on the palm leaf, by the maha rushis.

  1. Vashishta
  2. Bhrigu
  3. Attri

As well as messengers and rushis like

  1. Agasthya
  2. Tirumular
  3. Kakapujandar
  4. Ramadevar
  5. Siva vakyar
  6. Patanjali
  7. Bhogar (Chinese)
  8. Pulipani
  9. Khorakar
  10. Nandhi devar

There are there are many more.

Nadi astrology does not provide an prediction made using human understanding or drawing a the horoscope. It is divine predictions made to people. Nadi Astrology predictions are performed at the time of reading till the point of expiration of their lives. Nadi astrology is the study of the present birth of the past, which is as well as future the nadi astrology, is read until the end of one’s life, and also regarding the next birth , if one is required to take the another birth to be saved.

The nadi astrology forecast about your life’s good, ugly, bad is made at the time of reading. The majority of the issues are thought to be caused by your birth sins To overcome the birth sin of your past, you need to follow the recommended remedies in the Chapter 6. If you follow the right remedies in the manner that guides you by the astrology. You will be able to overcome all difficulties. If you have a specific issue that is not covered in the prediction you may ask questions in the chapter. The rationale behind all issues and solutions are listed in the Nadi.

Nadi Astrology is the mother of all Sorts Of Prediction

Nadi astrology is written or predicted for individual by maharishies,rishies,sages and messanger they have written the future of individual of present days way back 3000 – 5000 years they are accurate subjects to proper interpretation the above people have achieved the divine power by penance like foreseeing the future generations to come for whom to guide there future and also to overcome the sins and its Ill effects by way of recommended remedys.

The Astrologer can predict the past, present as well as the future. The predictions they make based on the information accumulated from their studies were as precise as Nadi predictions of astrology written on the palm leaf of the maha rishis and sages . They are highly accurate when it comes to prediction due to. they have the divine insight power , which is the reason Nadi Astrology is superior to the science of astrology

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