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Bogar also known as Bhogar was a Tamil Shaivite Siddhar that lived between the years 550 and 300 BC. He was one of the disciples of Kalangi Nathar. The first time he was born, he was in Vaigavur near the Palani Hills. His education was provided by his grandmother and grand father who described his heritage in various texts and traditions. 2 Bogar himself explains his own native origins within his novel “Bogar 7000”. Bogar traveled to Tamil Nadu to China and was a teacher of enlightenment. This is also described in the publication Bogar 7000. Bogar is believed to be at “Nirvikalpa Samadhi” below the sanctuary of Palani Murugan hill temple. It is believed that the Tamraparniyan maritime route embraced by Bogar on his way starting from South India to China via Sri Lanka (ancient Tamraparni). In China Bogar was first identified as Bo-Yang. Later, it was changed to Laozi.
A student of Agastya’s teachings, Bogar himself taught meditation alchemy, yantric patterns, as well as Kriya Yoga at Kataragama’s Murugan Shrine and inscribed a geometric yantric design on a metallic plate and putting it into the sanctum sanctorum in the Kataragama Temple Complex.  Bogar is among the first pilgrims who traveled through to the Murugan Tiruppadai of Sri Lanka. According to legends as well as the scriptures of the temple of Palani Temple, Bogar made the god of Murugan at the temple on the hill at Palani using nine poisonous plants (Navapashanam) by using a unique method. He also built a temple of Murugan in the Poombarai Kuzhanthai Velappar temple Kodaikanal Tamilnadu, India. There’s an existing statue of Lord Murugan within Navapashanam. Its milk that was sprinkled onto the statue is believed to have been mixed with a few herbs, being a successful cure for diseases at the period. of the Palani Murugan temple were said to be descendants of Pulipani who was one of Bogar’s students up to the 16th century.

 Histroy Of Bogar

According to the siddha medical documents, Bogar was the discoverer of an elixir for immortality. The Pharmacognosy is one of the most popular of his works. Other works include archery and yoga, and an encyclopedia of medicine. He traveled to Palani after having completed an exercise within Meru hills. Meru hills.
We know that the god that is Lord Murugan within the Palani Murugan Temple was made by Nava Basanam. However, we don’t know who created that idol. In the narrative of the Sathuragiri epic, it’s obvious that Murugan was invented by a Siddhar whose name was Poker.
When Bogar was making his way up his hill observed the spot in which the nine Siddhas together, he was seated in the mausoleums, with a thought forming in his mind . He was penitent, focused his thoughts.
They’ve become fools at the tomb and are now and are saying that the Sanjeevi mantra must be preached just to the people that will benefit people. At that time, Poker was leaving and came to visit the shrines in Shivalingam.
While walking through the dense forest an eye with cancer caught sight of breath in the air while it was passing by the grass. He was meditating at the direction of his mind, unable to comprehend why or whatwas the reason behind the poison. He was in a meditative state for a number of days. In the morning, a sage appeared and smashed the cancer, and disintegrated the meditation of poker. Poker was humbled when he saw the sage’s glowing face, which made his eyes sparkle.
The sage was saying, “Bogar, may you benefit the people.” He delivered a talk about how it would be an excellent aid to the practice you’re doing and I then left and sat down on the grass and sat in meditation.
Poker took the idol into his palm and consumed the fruit of the tree as shown by the sage who was nearby. Not just the mind, as well as the physical body was made younger. The god in hand and telling the secrets of the fruit that had been transformed into young and the secrets for many different herbs and poker deeply in awe was seated near the statue on the ground where a ditch was formed, and the idol vanished into the depths of hell.
Shiva made clear his intentions and started walking. He was unaware of his status as the great Siddhar, some Anandas who walked from the front observed him laughing at Bogar and Bogar was determined to help them alleviate their povertyby suggesting that he would be a wise man. However, immediately one of the cats that was far away attracted his attention, and he sitting down beside the cat, and then allowed him to study the scriptures and talk.
The cat started to recite Vedic mantras in the street. The people who saw it were not apathetic poker players. Recognizing the culprit was Siddharth and begging for forgiveness they brought Bogar to their house and entertained Bogar by feeding him food. With a sense of joy, they turned the iron objects inside the houses to gold through alchemy as well as their Anandas were amazed by Siddhartha’s skill.
He taught the Vedas and exalted all. In the course of performing penance at Palanimalai The Lord Murugan displayed the scene before disappearing declaring that he would make me vikrama and dedicate this spot. According to the legend that he dedicated the first god of Lord Murugan using a mix of nine kinds of herbs known as Navapasanam. Then, Siddhar stayed in Palani hill and was named the Jiva Samadhi in the hill.
The tomb of Siddharth Bhoga is located at the northwest corner of the area of the courtyard at Palanimalai. Siddhartha Bogar, who is the main god associated with Mars during the time of the Navagrahas said that those with Mars Dosha will be rid from the Mars Dosha and will gain good luck when they worship the god on Tuesdays.
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