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Nadi Astrology Reading Procedure

The Roots Of Nadi Astrology Are Buried In The Shadows Of The Past. This Amazing System Of Prediction Is Used To Provide Solid Guidance To Many. People Who Seek Guidance And Who Are Interested In Knowing The Future’s Plans Must Be Patient As It Is A Divine Process , And The People With The Highest Faith In This Art Of Astrology Are The Only Ones Who Will Have The Ability To Obtain Their Leaf. It Is Believed That Those Most Likely To Get Their Leaf Engraved Will Find Themselves Seeking Out This Information At The Appropriate Date. The Divine Astrological Predictions Include Numerousstages. The Initial Step In The Process Of Availing Nadi Astrology Is Sending The Thumb Impression That Corresponds To The Of The Seeker, Who According To Astrological Terminology , Is Known As The Of The Native. A Male Is A Type Of Seeker.Genders It’s The Right Thumb Impression, And For Female Gender, It’s The Left Thumb Impression.this Is All That Is Needed To Begin.

According To The Mythology And Hindu Traditions, There Is A Belief That Lord Shiva Gave His Body To Goddess Parvathi And Thus Earned His Name Arthanareeswarar. The Maharishis Adhere To The Same Principles So In The Astrological Practice As Involved, Thus Indicating That They Are Right (Thumb) For Males, And The Left (Thumb) To The Gender Of Women. In The Inner Circle, Visible And Online Nadi Reading Nadi Astrology Concealed Dots Define And Indicate The Manner In Which An Individual Is Living His Or Her Life At Birth To The Point Of Their Final Breath. How Much Is He Or She Blessed With Good Fortune And How Many Curses And Sins That The Person Is Carrying At The Birth, Etc.

How can I get access to Nadi Astrology through Online?

  • Draw your thumb’s impression on a sheet of white before males using right hands and females with left hand.
  • Send a photocopie via Whatsapp to +91 8807464654.
  • We’ll schedule the time to search for your Nadi leaf. This can be done by calling WhatsApp, Whatsapp or phone call.
  • When you have received you Nadi leaf, you must pay for the cost of your Nadi prediction pack and also the chapters.