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Siva Nadi Astrology

Siva Nadi Astrology

Origins of Siva Nadi Astrology
In the adjoining southern regions in India and also located in Tamil Nadu and also in Kerala, Nadi astrology was developed based on old predictions made by palm leaves and tree barks. In the old Hindu Temple of Lord Siva located at Vaitheeswaran Koil the ancient texts of Nadi Astrology were found. It is also known as Siva Nadi Astrology. The most significant aspect of Nadi Astrology is the old technique of recording the ancient predictions of the Indian Sages. Nearly 1000 years ago it was believed that the Hindu spiritualists benefited from a valuable blessing, making them so powerful that they were able to predict not only deceased person, but also any living individual as well as the ones who would be born in the near future.

These Hindu saints had recorded all their visions of power on palm leaves. All predictions were written on Tamil scripts. The Tamil language, “Nadi” translates to “in seeking’. Astrologers who use Nadi astrology, aid people discover their past and also their future.The myths associated with Nadi astrology state that the palm leaves are scattered across different locations of India. The first time, a small portion were found within Tamil Nadu. Many Astrologers believe that these palm leaves contain impossible secret of our past and also the present. These secrets could be an interlude between the time as well as present.According according to names given by Hindu Sages these Nadis are known as Brahma Nadi, Kaushika Nadi, Suka Nadi, Agasthiya Nadi as well as others. Each of these Nadis were written by Tamil sonnet. This makes it quite difficult for people who aren’t acquainted with the ancient language of astrology.

What are the core Theory of Siva Nadi Astrology ?
This ancient astrology provides the causes of the karmic battles currently and offers methods to relieve yourself of these struggles and pains. When it comes to the most effective solutions the ancient predictions of this astrology have significant role. The predictions of Saptarishi are so potent, they are able to overcome the challenges of time. As astrologers look through in the palm leaves they receive significant visions about their client’s birthplace, their current position, and the reasons behind their suffering, and more. According to astrologers there are specific ways to solve the causes of conflicts in the life of karmic nature. These are the following areas:

Recognition for Leaf

According to Nadi Astrologers, truth seekers need to be born with a sense of self-motivation to search the leaves at a specific moment, set by destiny. A male must make a thumb impression on the right side and women need to enter your left thumb’s impression.

In the 108 varieties of thumb impressions people who seek truth must figure the right leaf. The searchers will find the answers from the Scriptures from the leaf. Palm leaves from Nadi astrology are divided on the thumb’s impressions.

The Destiny Roles

The fortunate ones can be able to recognize the significance of God’s power in their lives. It is an amazing experience when the seekers of truth discover that the leaf reveals powerful visions of the time where the person who is seeking is able to see the outcomes of reading. They can experience the divine presence as they discover the time they are coming to the leaf for the purpose of reading it.

The old belief states that Lord Shiva is the creator of the destiny of every soul . Destiny is the manifestations of the soul’s desire. Therefore, reading the leaf helps to discover the new life that is based on a specific persona.


As a form of ancient astrology Siva Nadi Astrology is a focus on the divine nature of the universe. Furthermore, the methods of leaf reading demonstrate the power of Hindu mythology and is also a solution to solving the challenges that we face in our current moment.