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Vishvamitra is a ruler from the past of India Also known as Kaushika “descendant of Kusha”. He was a brave warrior, and was the great-grandson of the great king Kusha. It is believed that the Valmiki Ramayana, prose 51 of Bala Kanda, starts with the tale about Vishvamitra.There is a King called Kusha that was the creation of Prajapati Kusha, and his child was the strong and righteous Kushanabha. One of the most acclaimed for his name Gaadhi was Kushanabha’s son and Gaadhi’s son was the great-saint of great splendor, Vishvamitra.

Vishvamitra reigned over the earth and this great King ruled the kingdom for years. years.His story is also recorded in numerous Puranas but they contain different versions in the Ramayana. In the Vishnu Purana as well as Harivamsha Chapter 27 (dynasty of Amaavasu) of Mahabharatha describes the story of the birth of Vishvamitra. According to the Vishnu Purana, kushika married a damsel from the Purukutsa dynasty (later named as Shatamarshana lineage descendants of Ikshvaku King Trasadasyu) and had a son named Gaadhi with a girl named Satyavati

One of his feats the soldiers and he stopped for a rest at the Ashram at Rishi Vasistha. In the ashram, his entire army was fed and looked after. This raised doubts in the mind of the king about how it was possible for this quaint temple to handle the food and provisions for the entire force. He expressed his shock at the spiritual leader. Vasistha replied,”O King I am pleased to inform you that this meal you’ve shared along with your fellow kinsmen was offered by my calf, Nandini (sometimes known as Sabala) which was given my way by Indra. You should know that she’s the daughter of the cow that Indra owned, Kamadhenu. She has provided my with all the things I require.”

Kaushika was in awe when he learned of this. He started to consider that having a cow could be a huge blessing to him since the sage was not required to provide food and drink for a huge army every day. He expressed his desire to the sage of the opportunity to purchase Nandini away from his. Vasistha was courteous, but unwavering in his refusal. He was not enticed by the promise of unimaginable riches presented by Kaushika who after all the king can put the price of the cow that could quickly provide all the riches of the world. The king became extremely angry. He slammed the Brahmarishi by hurling insults at him, and ordered his troops to take the cow and then drive it back into his kingdom. Nandini was the son of Kamdhenu and, therefore, she firmly opposed the troops. Utilizing her power she saved her life Vashishtha.

This event left a lasting impression upon the King. He realized that the power gained through penances was more than mere physical power. He gave up his kingdom and set out to become a better the rishi of Vasistha. He adopted his name Vishvamitra. It’s fascinating to look back at all the difficulties that Viswamitra encountered in his journey to become the Brahmarishi before finally surrendering to the desire to own the cow. After many trials and many hardships, Vishvamitra at last obtained the title of Brahmarishi from Vasistha himself. At the time, he had one daughter named Shakuntala (who is mentioned in the epic poem Mahabharata) along with Menaka and an apsara at the Court of Indra. The son of Shakuntala was a great emperor. He was later referred to as Emperor Bharata and in his name the country of India was given the name Bharatha.